Cancer/Oncology , Rx required


Composition- TRASTUZUMAB

Manufacturer- BIOCON LTDOrigin of Medicine : India

Introduction- Canmab 440mg Injection consists of the active ingredient Trastuzumab. It is indicated to treat early-stage and metastatic breast cancer where the cancer cells develop due to overexpression of HER2 proteins. This medication is also used to treat metastatic gastric cancer with increased levels of HER2 proteins. Cancer occurs when the cells begin to grow abnormally and uncontrollably, and cancer that has begun to spread is termed metastatic cancer.


Canmab 440mg Injection is not recommended for patients aged under 18, patients who have severe breathing problems or need oxygen treatment. It is necessary to let your physician know if you have any heart problems, breathlessness, or have ever had any other cancer treatment. Make sure you inform your physician of all the medicines, including supplements and herbal medicines, you are taking before you start treatment with this medication.


Use effective birth control during the treatment and for at least 7 months after the final dose. Suppose you begin any new medication within seven months after the final dose. In that case, you must inform the health care professional that you have had Canmab 440mg Injection as this drug may take around 7 months to be eliminated from the body.

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